2015 Graduation, University of Houston

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I graduated from University of Houston since 2008. After that, I tried to get into another graduation or certified program, but seems like neither studying nor English is my thing. Anyhow, the campus really does change a lot. except some buildings which I had classes in there back then. I cant really recognize the area around new stadium, and it is amazing.

Oh well, enough about me, here is Matthew McConaughey! He is the commencement speaker for delivering the commencement address.

Event: 2015 Graduation
Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: TDECU Stadium
Equipment:Canon 5D3, Tamron 150-600mm

McConaughey shared 13 life truths with the graduates. (in the end) and he concludes,

"So while we're here, let's make it a place where we break a sweat, where we believe, where we enjoy the process of succeeding in the places and ways that we are fashioned to, where we don't have to look over our shoulder because we're too busy doing what we're good at, voluntarily keeping our own counsel because we want to, traveling toward immortal finish lines, we write our own book, overcoming our own fears, we make friends with ourselves. And that is the place that I'm talking about."

And they all listen.

And listen.

And a hat.

For the graduates, I would also want to say ' work hard and good luck '. Welcome to the life after school!

1. Life is not easy. He tells the students, "Do not fall into the trap. The entitlement trap of feeling like you're a victim. You are not. Get over it and get on with it."

2. "Unbelievable" is the stupidest word in the dictionary.

3. Happiness is different than joy. The actor tells students, "Happiness is an emotional response to an 
outcome…it is result-reliant. I say if happiness is what you're after, you're gonna be let down frequently…Joy is not a choice. It's not a response to some result. It's a constant. Joy is the feeling we have for doing what we're fashioned to do."

4. Define success for yourself. "Continue to ask yourself that question and your answer may change over time and that's fine, do yourself this favor, whatever your answer is don't choose anything that will jeopardize your soul."

5. Process of elimination is the first step to our identity. "Where you are not is just as important as where you are," he tells the graduates.

6. Don't leave crumbs—and the beauty of delayed gratification.

7. Dissect your successes (and the reciprocity of gratitude).

8. Make voluntary obligations.

9. From can to want.

10. A roof is a man-made thing.

11. Turn the page.

12. Give your obstacles credit.

13. How do we know when we cross the truth?


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