New Home and Remodeling Show

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Overall, this show is really similar to the last one I went in George Brown Convention Center. I was expecting something different thought. However, there are couple really cool items, such as Xhose and Grill mate (some pictures in this post). Post from last home show, Get Some New Looks At Home

Photographer: Charles Lin
Host: New Home and Remodeling Show  website

The Grill Mat is one of the amazing items in the show area. It is thin like a piece of paper, and weight almost nothing. The way to use it just simply put it on top of your grill. No oil or any spread is needed. It is very easy to clean as well. Overall, it is pretty impressive to me, and I was almost going to buy one. The only reason I didnt get it is that, I dont cook.

Xhose is another amazing item I found. This tube can expend 3 times longer after water passing through. It is very light as well, and pretty easy to storage after usage. It is a nice tool for people who like to do their back yard works or even just wash cars. 

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