The New GR, High ISO

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Some one wants to see some photos took at night with high ISO, so here are the pictures. I would say ISO 3200 is still good as long as dont use above NR 1. Personally, I dont like default NR from camera, and I prefer and suggest to take the pictures without NR and do it by your own. These photos are jpeg without any editing.

基本上這邊是提供一些高ISO和更多隨拍照片. 而ISO到了3200其實還不錯, 只是個人建議自己降燥會比機身要來的好很多. 就自己拍照時使用NR 0, 後製時再處理一下燥點就好了. 這些圖皆為無後製直出.

Photographer: Charles Lin

ISO 3200 NR2

ISO 280

ISO 640

ISO 560

100% Crop

ISO 800

ISO 800

ISO 3200, NR 2

ISO 560, NR 3

ISO 3200, NR 2 with some editing

NR Testing

Someone points out that picture turns green when shooting with high ISO. Here is the test shoot I done regarding this issue. It turns out that more darker area in the picture, more green you can tell. The worst test I got so far is getting green since ISO 1600. I try to adjust white balance but it does not help at all. 

有人提出在高ISO時黑色部份會偏綠, 事實上的確是. 照片內黑色的部份越多偏綠的情況就越嚴重. 我試著調整白平衡但是沒有任何幫助就是了

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