The New GR, First Impression

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So, I decide to get a compact camera for me. I looked around and compared many compact cameras. In the end, I got this new GR from Ricoh, which just on the market recently. Here I am going to share some first impression with you, and also something I noticed which I like and I do not like.

我決定想買台隨身機, 而經過幾天的比較之後, 最後選了這台剛上市的Ricoh GR. 我在這邊要分享一點開箱和剛入手的一些使用心得, 有些地方我蠻喜歡的, 有些我覺得不太滿意.可以參考看看這台相機適不適合你囉.

Photographer: Charles Lin

The package is just okay. Well, there is not much fancy you can do about it anyway. There are warranty card, manual, camera itself, battery, and charger.

包裝基本上蠻簡單的, 雖然也不太可能做到多精緻啦. 內容物有保卡, 說明說, 相機, 電池, USB線和USB插頭. 

When you turn it on the first time, it will ask for language input and date / time. How come there are couple Chinese characters next to "language" when there is nothing in the menu related to it? Kinda weird. 

當開機的時候, 相機會要求你設定語言和日期. 在這邊詭異的地方是, 所有文字都是拉丁語系的, 為什麼在Language旁邊會有個言語咧? 我還以為有個日文之類的. 真可惜. 

The looking of camera no doubt is good. This is one of the main thing I choose this camera instead of X100s. I like to stay low profile while I am doing snap shoots on the street. Camera body feels a little rough, and design of grip helps holding camera in one hand, so even you shoot with one hand, it is not easy to slick off from your hand. Over all, it does meet the concept that it is a great snap compact camera.

By the way, I saw some people are worrying about snap function to be canceled. Good news is that it is still there!

相機的外觀無疑的蠻讚的. 我個人就是看上了這低調的黑色而沒有選擇x100s, 當然價錢也是其中一個因素. 我在街拍的時候, 比較喜歡不要吸引太多目光. 而相機本身表面有粗糙感, 像Canon S100那種感覺. 蒙皮的包覆設計也讓握把很舒服和穩, 不太會因為單手拍照所以相機滑飛出去. 整體來說這台的確非常適合隨身攜帶來當街拍機使用.

這邊只有提供一點點ISO比較, 畢竟我不是常常做相機測試(哪來的經費阿!), 如果想要看全部更細節一點的可以到dpreview看看. 

Here are few ISO testing,

I do not normally do camera testing like this, so I have only done a very simply test. If you are interested in more details, dpreview now has full iso testing result you can take a look. 

ISO 400

ISO 1600

ISO 6400 (NR Medium)

ISO 12800 (NR Medium)

Personally, I think GR does a amazing job on noise control. I would use auto ISO and set the cap to 6400 myself, and in order to keep details, NR might stay to mid. I need to do more cross testing on NR to get the best result later. 

This camera is quite easy to use; however, you need to spend some time to set it up as the way you like. And price wise, it might cost too much comparing to some other compact cameras on the market. But from the spec and my first impression, I really think it worth the money. 

The things I like,
- Picture quality is great.
- Working ISO is high enough for me.  
- Easy for shooting in one hand.
- Focus fast even in the dark. 
- Looks simple in black

The things I do not like,
- There is no battery charger comes with it. You need to charge with the camera itself. 
- It could add more languages but this is only my preference. 
- Need to turn macro constantly, to get the min focus length.

以我個人來說, 我覺得GR的高ISO處理非常棒, 可用值到6400都沒太大問題(需要後製一下即可用). 我自己是讓自動ISO最高到6400. 而NR部份目前就是設在超過3200後中等, 可能之後需要比較一下NR對細節的影響在做進一步的微調吧.

整體來說這台相機在使用上真的蠻直感的, 只是在一開始要花點時間去照自己的需求做點熱鍵設定, 設定完後就一直拍拍拍囉. 而在價錢上也許和其他小相機比起來貴蠻多的, 可是照相機本身的機能和我對它的第一印象, 我個人覺得還蠻值得這個價位的. 

- 畫質沒啥好挑剔的, 非常好!
- 高ISO可用值
- 單手好操作
- 暗部對焦也蠻快速的
- 簡單的黑色美

- 沒有付充電座, 充電得從相機本體充
- 如果加個中文會更好, 哈哈
- 因為最短對焦距離的關係, 要一直切換微距開或關.

這邊我拍了一些測試照, 有些有用濾鏡, 而有些則是測看看景深如何, 參考看看吧. 

Here are some sample photos I took,

Some are using filter, and some are showing the bokeh. All of them are shoot with jpeg files and no editing at all. 

B&W 1/40, F2.8 ISO 800 +0.7EV

No Filter 1/40, F2.8 ISO 800 +0.7EV

No Filter 1/1000 F2.8 ISO 100

100% Crop 1/1000 F2.8 ISO 100

 1/2000 F2.8 ISO 100

Some Photos for bokeh at F2.8, Macro On, 1/350 F2.8 ISO 100

Macro On, 1/250 F2.8 ISO 100

Film Filter 1/250 F2.8 ISO 100

Hi-Con B&W 1/640 F2.8 ISO 100

Macro On 1/25 F2.8 ISO 800

Macro On, 1/40 F2.8 ISO 500

1/30 F2.8 ISO 800

 1/30 F2.8 ISO 800

Macro On, 1/40 F2.8 ISO 640

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think!


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