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What is MuSubi after all? It is a food truck's name. My friend is very into food truck food, therefore I go with them to see how good this MuSuBi is. Basically, there are not many items on their menu, since their space is much smaller than a restaurant. However, they do have their own way to create a special and tasty ramen to make MuSuBi stand out.

究竟MuSuBi是什麼東西呢? 其實就是台餐車的名字. 在美國不少人把箱型貨車改裝成餐車, 就成了一家移動式餐廳. 在facebook上都會有餐車當日的行縱, 而喜歡的人再前往追求自己喜歡的食物. 最大特色應該就是特別的食物吧. 餐車有時候提供的食物都會在原本的調理方法中加入一些個人喜歡的變化, MuSuBi就是一輛把日式拉麵做改造的餐車. 

Photographer: Charles Lin

因為餐車本身空間問題, 菜單普遍比較簡單. 這樣一來可以很有效率的控制食材和整個烹調的方法. 算是為了這種特殊餐廳而成的一種解決之道吧. 

After all, this is their BBQ ramen. They used BBQ pork in Chinese style with kimchi, laver, cabbage, and fried egg. The noodle they used is not traditional ramen but Vietnamese noodle. It did look spicy with all the red color but not really after all. Over all, I would say the taste is very interesting. They put all ingredients not the same way I used to have. If the club you hang out next time happens to have a food truck stopped by, you might as well give these interesting food a try.

而究竟這餐車提供的食物吃起來又是什麼味道呢? 從圖可以看出, 這碗拉麵真的是非常不一樣. 有海苔, 荷包蛋, 泡菜, 紅燒肉. 嗯, 你沒看錯, 紅燒肉. 然後包心菜切絲和一點香菜. 最主要的麵也不是用常見的拉麵, 取而代之的是類似油麵的越南麵. 湯頭, 當然也不是高湯囉. 雖然聽起來這樣的組合時在很特別, 而我對這碗麵的評價也是覺得十分特別. 既不會不好吃, 也稱不上是十足美味, 倒是很值得試試看. 如果下次有機會看到餐車的話不妨也去試試一點不一樣的食物吧.

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