35L MF/AF Switch Falls Off !!!

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The MF/AF switch of my 35L just falls off last weekend. There was no damage at all on the lens since I got it as used and this just happened. Oh well, complains do not help, so I need to figure out what is the damage here and how to get it fixed. 

Canon 35L的MF/AF開關就這樣掉了, 掉了阿!! 雖然這顆鏡頭我才又剛入手沒多久, 但是畢竟是二手的. 品項看起來雖然不錯, 但是想不到過了不到兩週就出這樣的問題. 所以來試試到底影響有多大以及到底該怎樣處理比較好.

Photographer: Charles Lin 

The good thing is that lens still works as it should after it happens. MF and AF works. There are some testing results on the bottom of the post. Images are both taken by 1/125, F1.4 and ISO 100. Seems fine to me. However, still need to come up with some solution for this issue.

萬幸的是鏡頭看起來並沒有其他影響. 在MF或AF上測試的結果都還算正常. 這兩張照片都是用1/125 F1.4 ISO 100拍攝. 可以參考看看. 

AF 1/125, F1.4, ISO 100

MF 1/125, F1.4, ISO 100

So, after some searching on the web, some people just put masking tape on it or super glue to make it stick on the lens. Or another way is spending some money to let Canon USA to take care this problem for you. It should be roughly $50 to get the job done. I still have some photo shoots need to be done, therefore I put some tapes for now and I will send it back to Canon later.

只是問題發生不管怎樣都還是要解決. 在網路上到處看看後最一般的處理方法就是貼貼相機膠帶或是三秒膠黏一黏就好了. 再不然就是花點小錢送給Canon原廠去幫你修復, 台幣大概是1200元的樣子. 因為最近蠻多活動要拍攝的, 就暫時貼貼膠帶撐一下吧. 等之後比較有空閒一點再送給Canon修復.

It looks fine, but mf/af switch falls off

After putting some masking tape on the lens

說真的最近sigma都出了那麼好的35mm 1.4, 到底Canon什麼時候才肯改版這顆銘鏡呢? 我自己本身還是選這顆的原因最後是散景. 畢竟準焦的話已經很利了, 但是散景我就偏好Canon的35L, 希望35L II 快點上市吧!

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