Texas State Flower, Bluebonnet

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It is the season for bluebonnet, the state flower of Texas. If you drive from Houston toward north, you can see lots of people park next to highway and take family pictures with these wild flowers. I went 2 times for taking pictures this year, and it seems too dry to have a whole field covering by bluebonnet. However, it should be there till mid April, and if you plan to go, there is even a festival in Brenham, TX on 4/6/2013!

最近又到了德州州花,Bluebonnet的盛開季節啦. 不過今年雨水量可能不像往年那麼豐富, 花開的並沒有像去年整遍草原都是. 我第二次去拍照的地方雖然不少, 但是也是像藍色小河而不是一整片大海. 是有點可惜. 不過一直到四月中以前應該都有機會可以和州花合照喔, 有興趣的人得趕緊啦!

Photographer: Charles Lin contact

I used different lens this time for the long driving trip, which is 70-200 F2.8, 100 F2.8, and 8-15mm, in order to get different perspectives. Let me know which one you like the most! Before we left, I also took couple pictures the little girl and her brother and Harley motorcycles. Oh by the way, the red on is Indian Paintbrushes.

我這趟用了幾顆不同的鏡頭來拍照, 像70-200, 100微距, 和8-15魚眼. 可以看看下面的圖片你喜歡哪些咧? 而在我們離開之前我也拍了幾張其他到此地拍照的人的照片, 像是小女孩還有她的弟弟以及哈雷機車. 

By 8-15 mm F4 Fisheye 

70-200mm F2.8 II


Indian Paintbrushes

Little girl and her brother


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