Anime Matsuri 2013 Opening

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Cosplay is getting bigger and bigger here in Houston. Now there are several anime conventions in Houston or surrounding area in a year. Anime Matsuri is one of them which is an annual Anime, Japanese Culture and Related Arts Convention. This is my first time go to this convention. It is great convention but there are still lots of things could be better such as schedule and spaces. Hope it will getting better and better!

角色扮演一直以來都是在亞洲比較盛行. 近年來在休士頓有越來越多大大小小的Cosplay活動. 而這Anime Matsuri就是其中之一. 這活動主要是美日動漫, 日本文化還有各種其他藝術上的交流. 然而雖然這活動挺有趣的, 在那邊可以看到從入門到非常專業的動漫迷. 但是幾天下來的感覺是還有非常大進步空間. 舉例來說像空間分佈問題就很大, 再來就是時程上的安排. 希望明年會更好囉.

Event: Anime Matsuri 2013 website / facebook
Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Hyatt Regency Houston website

Some Cosplayers

This is the opening ceremony. They introduced every special guests who were invited to this convention. Some are behind the scene, and some are famous movie stars or voice actors, even some groups from Japan  and South Korea.

開場當然就是少不了逐一介紹特別來賓. 從幕後道具製作到幕前明星或是遠從日本來參加的團體有到場. 最瀟灑的我想就是在韓國團體Waveya上場後再登場的女性了吧. 動作宛如大排名星但是她是個翻譯阿哈哈.

Matt Mercer

Bill Winans

Catherine Jones

Carli Mosier

Kathryn Griffin

The Brehms

Marisha Ray

Judy Stephens

Becky Young

Yaya Han

Matt Mercer

Kyle Herbert

Masumi Kano, Tomomi Nakamura, Midori Fukasawa. Misako Aoki

The Lady Spade


Guess Who Is She?

Johnny Yong Bosch, and his band

Marry's Blood

Erin Fitzgerald

Janet Varney

Kelly Hu

After ceremony, World's Mightiest Cosplayers was next. I personally like iron man  the most, and he did look like Robert Downey Jr in person! However, captain America won the trophy in the end. It is also funny to watch everyone dancing Harlem Shake with their costumes. I believe it should be everywhere on Youtube since almose everyone used their smart phone to record the dancing.

在開幕介紹完後登場的就是Marvel角色的Cosplay比賽啦. 參賽者一個比一個還用心. 我個人最喜歡的還是鋼鐵人了. 他本人長的也蠻像Robert Downey Jr的說. 不過最後還是被美國隊長抱走了冠軍, 可惜阿. 不過鋼鐵人跳的哈林舞真是一絕!

Earth's Mightiest Cosplayers

He does look like Robert Downey Jr

Winner, Captain America !

I put the Japanese Fashion show and Day 2 in other posts. Take a look too!

我將接下來的日本流行Show第二天的照片放到下一篇網誌裡, 記得去看看阿!

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think, FOR MORE PICTURES...


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