Anime Matsuri 2013 J-Fashion Show

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The show presented in 2 parts, which is K-pop dancing and J-fashion. Personally, I would not consider this fashion show as Japan fashion, at least not the trend. It is more like a show for specific group of fans, which are lolita lovers. Lolita is a style dressing like a barbie doll with pretty dresses and curry hairs, sometimes with other accessories like hand bags. Over all, it was a special show during Anime Matsuri.

這走秀基本上分成兩階段, 一開始的K-POP和後面的日本流行風. 而我個人認為這真的稱不上日本流行風, 至少不是主流. 風格主要是走蘿莉塔. 這是一種穿著非常華麗的衣著和特別的大卷髮以及一些飾品的特殊風格. 看起來挺像芭比娃娃的. 不過各有喜好囉.

Event: Anime Matsuri 2013 website / facebook
Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Hyatt Regency Houston website

Some Cosplayers

J-Fashion Show


Misako Aoki

Midori Fukasawa

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