Anime Matsuri 2013 Concert and Sexy

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Anime Matsuri 2013 is a 3 days event, which include Friday through Sunday. However, I only went to 1st and 2nd day. There were some good and bad about this event. Good thing is that you can see lots of people gather around with passion of Anime. Lots of people really did a good job on their costumes. Bad thing is that someone really need to organize space and schedule for popular events. It was either too crowed to see the stage or postponed for another hour due to preparing. Hope next one is getting better!

Anime Matsuri是個三天的活動, 但是我因為個人因素只參加了前兩天. 這活動整體來說有優點也有缺點. 優點是可以看到許多對動漫有熱愛的人聚在一起, 而也看的出來許多人對自己的服裝非常用心. 缺點就是時間和空間上的安排真的需要改進. 不是因為太擠根本什麼都看不到, 就是隨便一延就因為準備來不及延了一個小時. 希望明年會更好囉.

Event: Anime Matsuri 2013 website / facebook
Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Hyatt Regency Houston website

Some Cosplayers

This group is really cool, but Big Daddy is that skinny? 
Updated: It's Big Sister from Bioshock 2! That is why!

2 cosplayers run into wrong photo shooting!

 Yaya Han

These 2 really did a good job, and that looks like Johnny Depp!

 Look, It's Tim Roth !

The Best Group I think

Johnny Yong Bosch

Sexy Show by The Lady Spade

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think, FOR MORE PICTURES...


  1. That's a big sister, not a big daddy.

    1. Haha, my bad. You can see that I was still at the bioshock 1.


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