Fest of TailS

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Fest of tails, there are professional kite fliers from Kites Unlimited will launch giant-sized kites in the shapes, and  tails of a different kind will be wagging closer to the ground, The Houston Disc Dogs.

I was mislead by the address showed on the website, and found nothing going on at the location where I was  earlier. I found the correct location by looking at the sky for giant kites when I about to headed home after stopping by at McDonald. Glad I did not miss this festival after all. The Houston Disc Dogs really brought some great dog performances there. This is good thing about dog; he will bring the disc back after you through it out. What if you do that to cats...? They will most likely wait there and you end up pick up yourself.

繞了大老遠總算在離開前找到了正確的地方, 沒想到和網頁上提供的地址還差挺遠的. 而今年Houston Disc Dogs協會也舉辦了一些狗的表演, 主要是以接飛盤為主. 出場的狗是一隻比一隻厲害. 而場邊的狗也十分興奮著一直叫, 好像他們也想出去接一樣. 狗會幫你把飛盤接回來, 試想如果你叫貓去接呢...? 牠八成心裡是想你丟的不會自己撿嗎? 哈哈.

Event: Fest of Tails website 
Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Cross Creek Ranch website


The Houston Disc Dogs

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