20th Japanese Festival

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It is April, and again, time for Japanese Festival! This is 4th time I join this event, and it is still so much fun over there. You can either enjoy delicious Japanese food or play some games. If you want to try some Kimono, they got a booth for it as well. Comparing to last year, weather is much nicer. I really had a good time taking pictures around, and look forward for the next one!

又到了一年一度的日本節啦. 雖然今年是我第四年參加, 但是一樣有很多新鮮的東西可以看. 每年在這時候休士頓都會定期舉辦這個活動, 許多人也都會全家在一起好好享受這個週末. 尤其今年的氣溫非常的怡人, 我四處走走拍拍也是拍的很開心. 明年當然就是繼續參加囉!

Event: 20th Annual Japan Festival website 
Photographer: Charles Lin

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