Tomb Raider Collector's Edition

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This post is focus on introducing the contents of new collector edition of Tomb Raider Survival Edition. I used as simple as the soft cloth tent surrounding by 3 lights. I didnt put too much effects since I do not want to make it as commercial photos. Anyhow, the video game itself is the most important part!

這是簡單的開箱照, 利用單純三燈加上柔光棚拍的. 畢竟不是商攝用所以想達成一定的效果就可以了, 拍完內容物後當然就是快點開始玩遊戲啦! 可是從去年E3等到現在. 在最後當然要附加幾張特別照囉.

Photographer: Charles Lin

Outer box packaging

首先幾張是外盒照, 鋁盒外用一層廣告紙包著

I believe that small art book is one of the bonus comes by pre-ordering from Amazon

打開後底下藏著一本小小的美術本, 我猜是Amazon預訂送的

One page of art book

Everything inside the aluminum box

再打開鋁盒後會有, 遊戲, 小相框, 原聲CD, 和地圖.
其實還有張下載卡和徽章. 前者也是預訂送的, 後者我單純忘了拍

Lara action figure, you can see it is very detailed and movable by each joints of her body

你可以從圖片看出來幾乎每一個關節都可以動, 從頭, 手臂, 手腕, 腿, 膝蓋,

Just play around with Yotsuba


Her weapons and hands which are able to switched to hold different weapons

還有附一排武器阿, 和可替換的手之類的. 方便做出不同動作.

She can actually pull the bow and ready to shoot

還有附一排武器阿, 和可替換的手之類的. 方便做出不同動作.

Business card of executive producer. I got this druing E3 2012 

See, I actually got the chance to talk to him!


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