Houston - THE Food Truck Festival

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Over 34 of the most skilled chefs in Houston were rolling on to the Houston Community College Southwest Campus on pass Sat. and Sun. for "Haute Wheels Houston - the food truck festival." There were full with people and lined up in front of every truck. And not just food trucks, there were also live music, wine booths and play ground for kids. It was a amazing festival for everyone! If you miss it this time, ready for the next one!

上週末在HCC Southwest校區舉辦了一個餐車節的活動. 有34種不同的餐車在停車場前供應著美味的食物, 而除了這以外旁邊也有含酒精飲料的攤位或是給小朋友玩樂的區域, 是個適合全家大小的活動. 而現場真的是人擠人, 所有餐車前都大排長龍! 如果錯過了這次, 就準備好下次囉!

Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: HCC Southwest Loop Campus
Event: Haute Wheels Houston - The Food Truck Festival website

It is the entrance to the festival 

I think this waffle truck might have the longest waiting line here

School Bus is another way to do it

The wine booth was packed!

There was a VIP area, and too bad I was not invited

How can we miss fire truck with this festival.

People were enjoy delicious food while standing in line for the next one

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think, FOR MORE PICTURES...


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