StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition

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It is Starcraft time again! Unlike last time, I will talk a little more about my setting of this product shoot. Still simple and easy, again, this is just for personal usage. I used 3 lights same as last time, but I changed background to black this time. Therefore you can see how the lights works here more clear. Feel free to let me know what do you think!

星海爭霸二的資料片總算出了! 這次我會比之前再多提一些我拍這開箱的擺燈, 我用的是一樣是簡單的三燈, 只是讓背景是黑的所以更容易看出來燈的效果. 歡迎留下看完的意見順便分享一下你的看法!

Photographer: Charles Lin

 Outer Box, and one cardboard listing what is inside behind it.

外盒, 背上和SC2主片一樣是有張小卡紙標明內容物有什麼

 About the same way to organize dvds and art book inside


 There are art book, mouse pad, behind the scene, sound tracks, and game disc.

內容物一共有美術集, 滑鼠墊, 幕後CD, 原聲集和遊戲光碟.

Game Disc


Art book, sound track and mouse pad

 分別是美術集, 滑鼠墊和原聲集

One page of the art book


Look at her eye for 3 seconds. Okay, next one is behind the scene and some free trail pass. 


Everything here. I dont have much space, what can I do? I can cut all items and put it on another black layer, then use gradient to create some background. It might not be the best way to do it, but just one way around.

我這次拍照的空間並不大, 替代方案可以再拍完後把物體圈選, 再蓋到一層黑色的圖層上, 最後再用漸層白色製造一點點背景, 也許不是非常好的方法, 畢竟看起來不夠真實. 但是也是方法囉.

1st is my main light with softbox. 2nd is my side light, and I used it to light up left top a little bit. I hide my 3rd light behind the game itself for the background. This would be the most comment light setting to shoot portrait pictures. But I think it  might work here, what do you think?

1是我的主燈. 2是我的副燈, 我用它來使左上方亮一點. 我把3號燈藏在主體後方, 製造一點背景. 這燈的擺設一般是用在室內人像, 但是我覺得這邊也蠻好用的, 你覺得呢?

So one for me, another one for my best friend, and 3rd one...?

所以一個是我的, 一個是我好友的, 還有一個呢...?

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think!


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