Ghost Whoo~Whoo

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It is kind of weird that there are some vacant houses just right off highway 290. People said it is a ghost town. Good thing it was morning when I was there, so there is no worries at all. But is this really a ghost town? or how come it was abandoned like this?

在Highway 290旁邊有幾棟廢棄的房屋, 看起來就像一個小鎮卻沒有住半個人. 所以這邊被稱為鬼鎮. 而到底這背後的故事是什麼呢? 會像電影一樣一夜間所有居民都消失了嗎?

Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Intersection of East Highway 290 & Jozwiak Road. About 5 miles from Brenham, TX

The story behind this is that a guy named Winkelman bought this place and trying to make it into a tourist shopping center. After everything was settled down, that was it. So, it is not really something impossible happened here, such as resident disappeared all the sudden in one night.  However, you can still find some old stuffs around this town from 90s or some new technology as well, like Dish Network. There are lots of "posted no trespassing" sign on the houses, so you can only take pictures from out side only.

簡單講, 一位叫Winkelman的人原本打算投資這個地方成為觀光客的購物中心. 但是在完成後就不了了之. 最後這邊就被遺棄放置. 也不是什麼太驚人的故事就是了, 在知道背景以後這小地方又變的更不恐怖了. 原本已經沒啥恐怖的感覺了. 而在房子裡你也可以看到一些90年代的東西或是最新科技的產物像是第四台的接收器. 而在房子邊邊也貼滿了禁止進入的告示牌, 所以到此地後就只能在室外看看就好囉. 

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