Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo

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There was Vietnamese Festival pass Sunday at University of St. Thomas. Depending on Vietnamese population here in Houston, I thought it is a big festival, or maybe I got there too late. However, I still watched Vovinam performance which is one of the Vietnamese martial art.

上週日有一個越南園遊會, 我原本以為會辦的蠻大的, 因為在休士頓裡, 越南人口也算亞洲人的大宗. 也許是我太晚到了, 當天並沒有很多遊客. 不過我還是有看完整場Vovinam表演. 這是越南武術的一種.

Event: Vietnamese Festival
Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: University of St. Thomas

Vovinam can be performed with or without weapons, and it has many unique techniques by using body part to either attack or self deference. They had a group of people from little kids to adult to demonstrating the techniques. The kicking in the mid air was really like what you have seen in the movies. It is very impressive after watch this Vietnamese martial art performance.

這套Voinam可以空手也可以持武器. 而其中也有許多特別的技巧是用像腳來完成. 其中一招印象最深的就是奪命剪刀腳啦. 表演者從小朋友一直到青少年都有. 最後表演的空中三連踢也真的像電影裡面的一樣. 也許練一練到最後一樣可以"我要打十個!" 

They jumped into mid air, and used legs to lock target's neck to take them down. I have seen this in some movies which I was a kid. It did bring up some memories.

這就是空中奪命剪刀腳啦, 而讓我看到了星爺的影子阿!!

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  1. Thank you for posting these pictures of us performing! Is there any way I could keep them?

    1. Not a problem. You can go to album to save the pictures you like for your own. As long as nothing profitable, I am fine with it.


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