Beauty and Marine in Texas

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I was supposed to tag along with another photographer, to be 2nd in another word. However, she could not make it on time due to some unexpected accident so I became the main photographer for that day. Well, anything could happen. Good thing that I still managed to finish the job and get it done well!

理論上這場我應該只是當副攝影師, 但是因為無預警的緊急事件發生, 原本的主攝沒辦法趕到. 最後就由我來一手扛下整場婚理啦, 好在底子有練穩一點, 突發狀況就比較沒那麼慌. 最後還是把珍貴的畫面都補抓到, 讓新人也看的滿意. 整個婚禮圓滿結束!

Photographer: Charles Lin website / contact  & Monica Olson
*All pitures here are taken by Charles Lin
Reception: Town Hall Texas website

It was a very good weather with blue sky and cloud. Ceremony was not big but I believe mostly for family members and some friends. I would say groom would be the most clam person during preparation. He done with changing pretty fast and help out others as well. The whole ceremony and reception went pretty well and everyone seems to be very happy and touching when they see same day picture show in the very end. It was one of a nice wedding. 

這是一場非常傳統的西式婚禮, 從準備, 儀式, 拍照, 到最後的晚宴. 整體進行的非常順利, 沒有任何差錯, 就除了主攝趕不及以外, 還好有我在阿! 而最後來賓看到當天的照片的時候也都露出滿意的笑容, 我想這是對我最好的肯定吧!

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