Great App for Leaning Photography

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More and more people are picking up their own DSLR now days since prices are going down every day. However, they probably have difficulty to understand how ISO, shutter speed and aperture work with each other. There are learning material everywhere on the Internet, and here I am recommending this great FREE app for iOS user to learn some basic of photography. CanonSGLens is the name of app. 

今天我想介紹一下一個iOS的App叫CanonSGLens. 乍看之下會以為這是Canon專屬的App, 其實不然. 裡面除了一些基本的Canon鏡頭資料以外, 有不少的基礎示範可供學習. 像是景深, MTF圖, 光圈和快門的影響等等. 因為可以讓使用者自行調整參數, 所以差別馬上一目了然. 這個App也是免費的, 對於有iPad的攝影者非常方便, 除了初學者可以自己玩以外, 也可以當成教朋友的好教材!

First, you are going to see some basic info of Canon's Lens. You can get lots of detail information from here if you are a Canon user, and for others, you can skip these to next page. 

一開始, 你會看到幾頁都是鏡頭的資料, 如果你是Canon用戶, 那會有一些幫助, 如果是其他家的就快速跳過吧. 

Here, you can get an idea about how to read MTF chart. It's common chart for showing sharpness of lenses used by all of these companies. There are might be some difference in between, but you can still apply mostly to others.

接下來會有MTF圖的教學. 這張圖通常用來表示鏡頭的銳利度, 除了Canon以外其他家的使用者也可以看一下. 這可以列為自己未來購買鏡頭的參考要素之一.

It also provides the MTF of latest lens such as 400mm F2.8 IS II and 600 F4 IS II.


 You are going to see more about introduction for Canon's Lens, like a diagram. But as Nikon or Sony user, you can skip all these and go to next page.

這邊是鏡頭的斷面圖, 一樣也是給Canon用家比較方便, 其他家就繼續跳過吧!

From here, this app becomes the very good tool for demonstrating the basic idea of how camera and lens works for the beginners. This page you can see that different focus range brings wider or narrow view of the pictures.

1Ds, 1DX, 5D are full frame.            50mm = 50mm in 135 flim
1D, like 1D2, 1D3, 1D4 are APSH. 50mm x 1.3 = 65mm in 135 flim
7D, 60D, t3i and others are APSC.  50mm x 1.6 = 80mm in 135 flim

接下來重點開始了, 這樣圖可以模擬不同的焦段涵蓋的範圍差異會有多少. 這可以做為一個自己買鏡頭很重要的選購參考喔. 不過Nikon用戶的換算可能不太一樣, 自己要注意一下.

Right side of picture shows what is "Depth of Field," and how aperture works to affect it. Left side just give you the calculator of Dept of Field. 

這邊是景深計算機(右圖), 和光圈對景深的影響(左圖), 可以自己選光圈再看看差別在哪邊.

Everything starts very basic. Now is the example shows what is shutter or aperture look like in different setting.  


After that, there are couple pages that user can play around with settings to see the difference. I think this is the best way to learn if you can see what actually happening besides reading all the theories and numbers. It is also good for people who want to teach someone else as an example. Therefore I highly recommend this app for iOS users.  

最後, 就可以實際做一些光圈與快門上的調整, 再看看對影像會有怎樣的作用. 因為可以自由調整所以再理解這些理論之後真的很快就可以了解原來是那麼一回事. 當然對老手這些都是基礎知識, 但是我想對剛進攝影圈子的朋友來說這些應該多少能幫上忙吧!

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think!


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