Happy Birthday to ME

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Okay, Its my birthday again! The day for me to enjoy a cake myself. As usual, I bought a mango cake, but this time I bought it from Six Ping Bakery. I was thinking about how to do it to make it more like my own cake, and I like what it turns out in the end! About how the cake taste? I would say just okay.

一年一次的生日到啦, 又到了自己買蛋糕好好享受的日子. 一如往常的是一樣是芒果口味, 但是蛋糕店這次選了這邊挺有名的六品麵包店. 拍照還想了想到底怎樣會比較特別一點, 這樣寫名字加蛋糕應該還算不錯啦, 哈哈. 至於蛋糕吃起來怎樣? 一般般囉.

Photographer: Charles Lin 
Bakery: Six Ping Bakery

This cake have mango inside out. There are slices of mange cover around the cake with some fruits as decoration. They use quit amount of whipped cream to make sure the slices wont fall, and put mango piece in between the cake. Probably going to take me about 3 days to finish it!

整個蛋糕從裡到外都是芒果. 外層是用一層鮮奶油確保一片片的芒果不會掉下來, 而內層是一塊塊的芒果參夾到蛋糕中. 這整個蛋糕大概得花上我三天才吃的完吧. 哈哈 

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