The Tradition Wedding of Vietnam

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This is a very traditional Vietnamese wedding. The whole process does look like the one from Taiwan where I originally from, except some different details. It usually takes a whole day from morning to almost midnight for the whole wedding. I was really tired after this one, and I couldnt understand what they were talking about for the whole day since in Vietnamese. However it is still fun to be a wedding photographer!

這是一場蠻傳統的越南婚禮. 和台灣婚禮除了一些細節禮俗不太一樣之外,最累的應該就是從早到晚不停的行程和地點要跑來跑去吧. 至於哪邊不太一樣? 就邊照流程的照片邊點出我觀察到的差別吧. 在美國當婚攝所接觸到的東西真的是十分廣大阿!

Photographer: Davee Nguyen & Charles Lin website / contact
*All pitures here are taken by Charles Lin
Hotel: Hilton America
Restaurant: Kin Sonm website

My job began at groom's house. Another photographer was taking care of bride's house at the same time. In the morning, groom's relative came to his house first for preparing food and gifts which are for the formal proposal of marriage.

一大早所有男方親友會先到新郎家集合, 一方面是為了準備食物, 另一方面是要準備好帶去新娘家正式求婚的禮物. 這挺像台灣的12禮的感覺? 不過他們還特地準備一整隻的烤豬.

Then relatives of bride would line up to get ready to welcome their coming guests. Parents of both side will talk on the door way before every guests lined up. Then enter to bride's house holding gifts. 

這部份算是迎娶, 新娘親戚會排成一排迎接客人. 雙方父母會先在門口談話, 類似兒子要來娶你女兒啦 之類的, 畢竟是越南話我沒辦法理解他們在說什麼. 談完後新郎家屬再手中拿著禮物排成一排依序進門.

They had the ceremony in this room with almost everyone, at least it was full. They began with introduced each member from both side of families after bride came in. Then the ceremony ended with ring exchange. The whole ceremony was not long but I could understand any of those speaks. Now would be the time I wish I know another foreign language. After that, the relatives of bride came to say something to the groom and gave him cards and small gifts. Everyone took a small break then headed to groom's house.  

這客廳是舉辦儀式的地方, 雖然不小, 但是當所有人幾乎都擠進來的時候, 真的想拍張照都得擠來擠去僑個位置出來. 雙方家長會在這邊把每一位親戚都介紹過一次. 然後再開始交換戒指與拜拜. 這邊我也是在盡我職責好好拍照, 畢竟真的都聽不懂阿, 哈哈. 最後休息片刻後, 大家又接著總動員到新郎家了.

Compare to what happened at bride's house, the ceremony at groom's was simple and short. Mainly was for the tea ceremony which couple have to bring tea to their parents. Then it was lunch time and get ready for reception.

回到新郎家後儀式就很簡單了, 最主要的是敬茶. 進門的時候也不像台灣會需要踩瓦或過火盆. 到這邊儀式部份也總算告一段落. 接著就剩晚宴囉!

The rest of the part was pretty similar to regular wedding here in US. Get ready, then take pictures before the reception. However, the couple have to toast to every guests who came to reception table by table during the meal time. There were about 40 tables that day, not a easy job. After everything was done, dancing till the end!

剩下的部份其實和一般美式婚禮差不多, 拍照, 進場, 跳第一隻舞, 切蛋糕, 丟捧花等等. 只是還多加了中式的敬酒. 新郎和新娘也一樣要一桌一桌去敬酒, 我當時差點都忘了還有這習俗, 哈哈. 
不過最後一切還是很完美的結束了, 跳舞時也出現了當紅的gangnam style, 真的是紅遍世界不分國籍耶.

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