My 2012

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My 2012, I would say it is bad, real bad. Too much happening but not much time to get ready for it. My life has lots of changes, and the best thing might be that I am able to focus on photography, and travel when I have the money and time. 

2012, 說慘真的過的蠻慘的, 但是樂觀一點來看我也去了不少地方和拍了越來越多的照片. 技術也明顯在進步, 身體也沒啥大病. 所以2012到底是.....? 我只能說我希望2013年有好的一年!

Photographer: Charles Lin

My first time to Kaoshiung. MRT is not as convenient as Taipei.
我第一次去高雄, 捷運系統其實做的不錯阿. 只差公車配套方案和更多條線

Couple months later, I realized he is fraud instead of friend.
簡單講, 這傢伙最後A了一筆錢不還人就跑了.

Had a good pre birthday lunch with one of my best friend 

Finally get a chance go to Mardi Gras in New Orlean.
和一群朋友結伴跑到New Orlean去參加了人擠人的狂歡會 Mardi Gras

I was using film camera at Japanese festival
偶爾也想用底片機一下. 這是在日本祭時拍的兩位路人小妹妹

Made a one day trip to see Linsanity in San Antonio
一天來回衝到San Antonio跑去看林來瘋, 話說我也姓林阿

First time to shoot model

Problem of my camera causing by Canon when  I sent my camera to get the sensor clean

First family picture session

Greek festival, got to hurry before the world hate them

Went to San Jose for friend's wedding photography
有幸到San Jose幫朋友拍點婚宴的記錄

The other side of sea is used to be my home

Giant oyster! Well, it was tasty!

SAME fruit cake like last year in ACAP lunch

Summer weekend trip begins!
暑假的到處跑之旅開始囉! (他們是在跳水)

Crabbing at Galveston
到Galveston 釣螃蟹! 其實用網子硬撈也不會多慢

Nintendo E3 press confess, I am finally here 
E3 任天堂展前會場, 我總算到了這聖地阿!

Finally got a chance to have a picture with CEO of Nintendo USA
拜託了兩次在第二天總算肯和我合照, 哈哈

On the way back home
回家囉, 難得坐在機窗外

It was not here last time I visited NASA

Even with special uniform, Astro was still playing not as expected
即使用了紀念隊服, Astro...還是看看2013會怎樣吧

Little Emma's birthday! I still remember she had her first cake last year
Emma 又長大了! 不過照她老爸所言, 今年不慶祝了, 太多baby了

New Mexico rocks! Oh well, after 4 hours of flight and 6 hours of driving
飛了四小時和開了六小時的車才到Santa Fe

I did feel like dying in the White Sand Monument. These are 2 travelers with me in jail apparently.  
在白沙我真的有種快死掉的感覺, 沙漠不是鬧著玩的. 另外這是兩個一起旅行的朋友.

It makes me wonder why they build a museum for something unsure of their existence? 

Mexico and USA, border line is just couple miles away

Padre Island is a beautiful place to go in Texas
Padre Island真的是個不錯的觀光景點, 海灘乾淨又漂亮!

Tubing would be more fun with a little less people and cleaner water
Tubing是蠻好玩的, 只是人可以少一點和水乾淨一點會更好

Now I know when and where to see "good" cars

Okay, I did need to lean how to use photoshop

Gamestop Expo at San Antonio, got hit by Mr. McDonald on my way home after had McDonald for dinner
看完電玩展, 回程的時候被Mr. McDonald撞, 偏偏我晚餐又吃McDonal是怎樣?

I do like to do volunteer for FBSO

Running around in Galleria with her to get some pictures

My first run way fashion show
第一次參加走秀拍照, 挺新奇的

Getting more and more serious about wedding photography

Seriously, first trick or treat for me

I do like take Interior cases

First Indian wedding!

I am able to do some help in the workshop

The father of music for Final Fantasy, kinda cool old man
看到了植松伸夫本人, 他還挺有趣的.

Xmas time means the end of the year

Hope get a better year 2013!


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