White Elephant + Kids = ?

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Its Xmas time, and it is always good to get together with friends. This year we had a small gift exchange which only allow to bring the gift already bought. In the beginning I got a hand washer, but one of the kids really like to bite it, I got box of tea leaf instead. Then I used it to get the tissue paper box cover in the end. It is kind of weird but looks funny. I learned that it becomes a totally different white elephant game when children get involved.

今年朋友家在聖誕節假期舉辦了一個小型聚餐, 順便玩交換禮物的遊戲. 我必須要說當有小朋友的時候, 交換禮物整個玩起來就很不一樣. 我從一開始拿到的洗手乳, 換到最後變成面紙盒罩子. 因為朋友的小孩喜歡咬那瓶洗手乳!總之這是個很不錯的聚會阿, 只是小朋友真的是越來越多了,這種時候就感受到年紀增長了.

Photographer: Charles Lin website / contact 

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