World of Full Circular Fisheye

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Recently I bought Canon 8-15mm F4 fish eye. I have to say that this lens is really cool. With full frame camera and 8 mm, it creates circular! Normally you have a lens, it might be sharper or different focus range. This one would give you new ways to take pictures and look at things as well. The shape of subject is twisted extremely, but this makes image unique. Sometimes makes it really funny when you shooting portraits. Now I like to carry this lens around with me. It is a really fun lens to have.

最近我買了一顆Canon 8-15mm F4的魚眼變焦鏡. 在全幅和8mm的搭配之下, 圓周圖就這樣產生啦.哈哈, 這顆真的是非常有趣的鏡頭. 一般情況下拿到新的鏡頭通常是焦段或是銳利度的差異, 但是這顆可以給你一個新的感覺以及觀察的角度. 而用在拍人像也會出現很多有趣的畫面. 只是拍的時候必須要靠的很近很近, 小心不要撞到被攝物, 畢竟這顆沒辦法裝保護鏡的阿! 我現在到哪去都帶著這顆鏡頭, 沒事拍個幾張, 對我來說是個非常超值的新鏡頭阿!

Photographer: Charles Lin

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