Year End Coffee and Cars

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Every first Saturday of the month, there is a public car show in Vintage park of north Houston. This month I go with friend of mine. His little 2 years old son loves cars. He was so excited going to see so many cars that morning. I used EF 16-35mm F2.8 this time. Tried to get cars image with wide angle. It was hard since so many people there, and I have to wait the best moments to take the shoot. Let me know what you think ! Next time I would probably try fish eye.

每個月的第一個週六, 在Vintage Park會有小小的車展. 許多高級名車的車主會聚集在此. 這次因為我朋友的兩歲兒子想看車子, 所以我當然也把握機會跟去囉. 這次我是用16-35這顆廣角鏡, 在整個畫面掌握必須要更注意. 很多時候都在等路人走過, 人和影子才不會出現在照片裡. 下次打算用魚眼鏡頭再衝一次!

Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Vintage Park Houston website

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think, FOR MORE PICTURES...


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