Good Afternoon Walking for Her

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This meetup should be for family shoot, but it turned out that I took more pictures of cat than kids running around. This cat was following a couple jugging before the little girl got her attention. It looks like she is a house cat and about 1 year old. She was photogenic and every kids had a good time play with her and took some pictures. I left early due to time concerning, but I hope after walking outside this afternoon, she can find her way home without problems.

I like cat! But I dont have one for now, maybe later I guess.

這隻貓原本是跟著路人慢跑, 路人也表示她就一直跟在他們後面一路跑過來. 朋友的小孩就跑去和她玩, 然後她就一直跟著我們玩了一兩小時. 這隻貓一點都不怕生, 而且好奇心非常重. 後來她一直在想辦法要去抓在湖中游的鴨子. 當然那水深最後讓她放棄了. 從項圈看起來這隻應該是家貓, 希望她跑出來逛街後找的到路回家阿! 哈哈


Photographer: Charles Lin

She was measuring if its too deep for her. She wants to grab the duck in the lake. 

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