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這次換中文當開頭好了, 哈哈哈. 從今年三四月左右開始我陸續有參加一些這邊的團體拍照活動. 有些要繳費有些不用. 我自己覺得從中學到的東西是除了攝影以外的居多, 像人際關係和怎樣指導對方姿勢之類的. 而這次是我第一次當助手參加,幫忙打雜跑腿和回答一些基本問題. 整體來說主辦人利用短短的四個小時講解了非常多東西, 不單單只有設定好然後讓他們隨便拍拍照而已. 我個人會建議如果是入門的話很建議參加他們的小教學課程. 

至於歐美和亞洲的人像構圖習慣我觀察之下還是有差別, 等日後我可以整理出比較完整的心得再說吧.

I have been some other workshops since March or April this year. I would not say I did not learn anything from those but I think I learn more than photography itself. This one is the first one I am the helper instead of an attendee. It fun to hang out there and answer some question if they are confusing about setting or equipment. Both models are very easy going, and sometimes even posing some guffy poses. Hosts, without a doubt, explains as detail as they can regarding flash and basic concepts within the session. However, there is no way to cover everything within 1 session. 

Overall, I would highly recommend beginner or people want to learn more about their flash come to their workshop. It is just fun to learn without any stress and full with laughing. 

The biggest thing I have learned from this workshop is that, Little Caesar Pizza is actually very tasty!

Host: Jason Talley website & Muttley Escobar website
Make-Up & Hair: Lydia Lutz website
Model: Lauren Lopez & Isabelle Wilson
Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Muse Studio

Feel free to leave a comment let me know what you think, FOR MORE PICTURES...


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