Music is My Xmas Gift for You

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The past Halloween, I was doing volunteer work as photographer for Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra (FBSO). I think they like my work from last time and I love their performance, so here I am again! Deck the halls is the concert for this holiday season. There were lots of people, and the performance was great! Not only the orchestra itself, but also 2 talented young pianist. For myself, I also got some shoots from different angels, like facing the conductor. This is something different from last time. Enjoy the pictures as well as have a nice holiday!

在今年萬聖節的時候, 我有特別的機會擔當FBSO的攝影師來拍攝他們的表演. 而我相信他們非常滿意我的相片同時我也很喜歡這樂團的演出, 所以今年為了聖誕節的表演我又再一次的當義工來拍攝. 他們這次特別請了兩位華人小鋼琴師演出協奏曲, 真的十分不簡單阿! 而我也試著在不同的角度取景去試著拍出比上次更精彩的一場表演.最後祝大家佳節愉快囉!

Performer: Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra website
Photographer: Charles Lin website contact
Location: Stafford Center website

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