Snow White Maple Tree

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I was invited by my friends to this fitness club for Christmas lighting night. I didnt get much chance to go around and take pictures, but still got some great family pictures! The club was full with people with their kids. White maple tree is my favor in this event, pretty smart idea to make the trees unique. Now, Christmas is coming up, and I believe there will be more and more interesting events as well.

雖然這次去這個聖誕節為主題的燈會拍到的照片不多, 但是有幫朋友拍家庭照就很滿足啦,哈哈. 畢竟是過節嘛. 會場到處都有小孩跑來跑去, 和聖誕老公公合照更是大排長龍. 會場裡面有一區是白色楓樹, 那邊真的非常漂亮. 利用小燈砲加上白色半透明的楓葉效果真的很不錯. 聖誕節也快到了, 應該還會有更多有趣的活動可以參加吧.

Photographer: Charles Lin website / contact
Location: Westside Tennis & Fitness website 

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