Chintan & Nicole Desai

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This is my first Indian wedding, at least first time be there. I have watched some of Indian movies and henna (a temporary form of skin decoration) is always amazed me. I was the assistant for Jason Talley that day, but I still try to take pictures as I could. I did have a great time in the end!

這是我第一次參加印度婚禮, 雖然只是以Jason Talley的助手身份參加, 但是我還是盡可能的利用時間去拍些我想補抓的畫面. 一些比較特別的傳統像是Henna或是鞠躬都挺讓我覺得新奇. 這是一次很不錯的經驗.

Main Photographer: Jason Talley website
Photographer: Charles Lin website / contact
*All pitures here are taken by Charles Lin
Location: Crown Plaza Downtown website
Make up & Hair: Lydia Lutz website
Cake: WHO MADE THE CAKE website
DJ: Jay Rupani website

This is really amazing to see a real henna instead of in the movie, and I did get a chance to touch it. I was worried to ruin it, but it was dry. They told me that it was painted couple days ago, and the longer it drys the happier life it will be after they married. Second picture is the traditional way to show how respectful the son is to his father. I was shock to see that at the beginning, then they laughed and told me what it means. The ceremony was like western style. It was small but lovely. It finished with Chintan hold her hand walk through the lobby.

After the wedding, party begins! Everyone there was enjoy the happiness Chintan and Nicole bring. The cake is pretty as well. They were having great Indian food and wine. Then dancing till the party ends.  

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