Jared & Angela Stacks

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Congratulation to Mr. & Mrs. Stacks!

I was happy to have this chance to tag alone with Monica Olson to shooting this wedding in the church. I know that there will be more restriction in church comparing to other places, but I am still feel very comfortable with what I had prepared.  Overall the wedding was great, simple but pretty. I had a great time being there.

Main Photographer: Monica Olson website
Photographer: Charles Lin website / contact
*All pitures here are taken by Charles Lin
Location: Majestic Metro website

Everyone is getting ready. Jared didnt seem to be nervous at all. It feels like "it is time, let do it!" So did others. They were chatting to wait till the ceremony begins. The church is beautiful looking either toward front side or back side. The whole ceremony was about 30 minutes. After this and photo time finished, the big day continues at Majestic Matro!

Majestic Matro is a well known place for special events. I included the info of the place in the very bottom of my blog. You can take a look if you are looking somewhere classic style. It loos like an old theater, or it is actually one before.  Anyhow, I believe everyone had a great time dancing and drinking. It was a great day for all. 

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