Fancy and Beauty of Machinery

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Every first Saturday of the month, there is a public car show in Vintage park of north Houston. There are lots of fancy cars, Ferrari, Maserati, Nissan GTR, or even Lamborghini, and other vintage cars. Car loves drive their cars gathering here to show their cars to public. Very nice chance for photographer to take pictures as well. Each time I used different lens. For this one, I used EF 70-200mm F2.8. People normally get there about 8:00 am till 9:30. If you want to check these car out, better get there early!

每個月的第一個週六, 在Vintage Park會有小小的車展. 許多高級名車的車主會聚集在此. 看看別人的愛車, 也讓大家看看自己的收藏. 在這邊, 可以說是休士頓最名貴的車子都會出現. 喜歡拍照的人也都會把握這機會好好拍些車子的照片. 不過這活動通常很早就開始, 大概到9點半左右就會結束了.要去的話絕對要早起! 不然到現場只會發現很一般的停車位而已阿!

Photographer: Charles Lin
Location: Vintage Park Houston website

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